Three-day event of community, connection, workshops, and discussions on land stewardship, capoeira, samba, salsa, & food.

JULY 26 - 28
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Capoeira Beginner Series

This series introduces students to the basics of Capoeira Angola: movement, music, singing, history, and philosophy.

Sundays 3 pm  (starts on 2/25/2024)
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Family friendly quarterly community cultural celebration celebrating food, music, and dance from the African-Diaspora.

Coming Soon - Summer 2024
Coming soon

Tarraxinha Sundays

The sexy, percussive cousin of kizomba. Tarraxinha embodies a captivating blend of sensuality and percussion.

Sundays 6:30pm (except 1st Sun of every month)
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Samba & Afro-Brazilian Dance

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Brazilian culture and dance, and express your self through fluid movements.

Mondays 7:00pm & 8:00pm
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Capoeira Angola

Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music, known for its movements steeped in African cultural heritage.

Tue & Thu 7pm - 9pm | Sun 4pm - 6pm
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West African Dance

West African dance and drum classes with Manimou Camara embody Guinean culture with vibrant rhythms & energetic moves.

Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9:00pm
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Late Night Yin With Kim

An evening of slow and nourishing yin yoga; alongside music, embodied movements and an energetic space.

Friday May 3rd 8:00pm
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